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Published: July 12, 2020

10 Benefits Of Lanyards That May Change Your Perspective

Anyone who has attended a conference or concert will know just how popular lanyards are. These versatile little loops of fabric are ideal for a range of uses, so you’ll probably still be using your lanyard long after the event is over.

Some people think lanyards are a waste or time or even uncool. If you’re on the fence about bringing lanyards into your workplace or event, read on to discover 10 benefits of lanyards that we’re sure you’ve probably never thought about before.


If you think lanyards can only be used to display an ID badge, think again. There are so many different uses for lanyards that don’t have anything to do with identification cards. You could use a lanyard to keep important items safe. You could use a lanyard to keep your hands free for other tasks. Or you could add extras to your lanyard to make them more versatile. What about a bottle opener lanyard for a beer festival?

If you have an idea, we can help make it a reality. In addition to printed and woven lanyards, we can also customise your lanyard with ID card holders, plastic sleeves and different types of clips for different uses.


Planning an outdoor event and need something waterproof? Or planning a sustainability-focussed event and need something eco-friendly? You can find a lanyard material and printing method to suit every requirement. Super soft bamboo lanyards look great with a screen-printed logo, while our PET lanyards are made from recycled bottles, making them very environmentally-friendly. You can further customise your lanyard with printing and woven designs.

If you’re looking for express lanyard printing, we can help you to find the right material and printing finish for your requirements. If you’re not sure of the best method for adding your company logo or event name to your lanyard, we can help guide you through the different options.


If you want free advertising, printed lanyards are a great place to start. Lanyards can be given away at events or in goodie bags. You could also provide them to your employees so that they are always wearing the company logo during office hours. If your employees love where they work, chances are they’ll be flashing their lanyard outside of work, too. A good lanyard can last a long time, so this provides free advertising for as long as the user decides to keep wearing the lanyard.


When you need to be able to quickly identify people, lanyards can help you to achieve this. Using colour coded lanyards at an event, you can quickly see which people belong to which group. At festivals or live music events, this can allow security to determine who is allowed where on the site based on their lanyard. In the workplace, your employees can wear ID cards so security will know who is allowed in the building.


If you’ve ever attended an event where you don’t know anyone else, you’ll know how awkward it can be to start a conversation. When everyone is wearing an ID badge with their name and company, this is an instant ice-breaker for attendees. This can also be useful in large companies where people might not mix with people from different departments.

New employees might benefit from a “new starter” lanyard which will encourage established staff members to introduce themselves. You could also use colour coded lanyards to distinguish between departments of management levels to make it easier to start conversations.


If you have staff roaming at an event, or in a retail setting, it can be difficult for members of the public to identify them. With branded lanyards, your staff will be easily identifiable without having to resort to full uniforms. If you want to maintain a professional appearance without resorting to uniforms, lanyards offer an ideal solution. They can also make your staff more approachable, as they will have their name and position on their ID badge.


Lanyards are incredibly cost-effective, meaning you could order large quantities for an event without eating into your budget. Giving away expensive freebies can be counterproductive, but a lanyard is incredibly cost-effective without looking cheap. Plain lanyards offer the cheapest option, and these can be great for colour coded identification at events. For more branding options, you could choose a woven lanyard or even custom colour printing. This will allow you to take complete control over the lanyard appearance. This is ideal for company lanyards and event giveaways.


A good lanyard will last a long time, which means they aren’t a disposable item which will be forgotten as soon as your event is over. Head to eBay, and you’ll see that some lanyards are even considered collectable. This might make you think twice before throwing away a lanyard at the end of a conference or show. If you are considering lanyards for staff identification, you can rest assured that the cost of replacing broken lanyards will be minimal. You could also save money by reducing the cost of missing ID cards or key cards.


Lanyards are designed with safety in mind, so you don’t need to worry about injuries as a result of wearing a lanyard. Provided they are used correctly, lanyards are very safe. They include a safety break away clip in the back which is designed to pop open if there is any force on the lanyard. This means a lanyard that is caught on something will not become a choking hazard. Lanyards can also help to increase safety in the workplace by ensuring only those authorised to be in the building can gain access.


If you need promotional items in a hurry, lanyards offer incredibly fast turnaround times. This means that you don’t need to order months in advance to be able to secure lanyards for your event. In most cases, we can provide a 2-3 week turnaround, provided your designs are ready to go. If you’ve been let down by another supplier, we also offer express turnaround which could take as little as 3-5 days.

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