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July 18, 2023
Which accessory do you need with your lanyard?

When it comes to lanyards, the possibilities for customisation and accessorising are nearly endless. Whether you're a business owner looking to freshen up your corporate branding or a marketing manager hoping to draw attention to your company, there's an accessory that can enhance the look of any lanyard.  You might feel overwhelmed by the options […]

July 11, 2023
The benefits of using personalised lanyards to promote your business?

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to get your brand out there and increase your reach? Personalised lanyards could be the perfect solution. Providing an affordable and convenient way of sharing information about your business, these products are being increasingly used by business owners, marketers, and event planners alike.  In this blog post we […]

April 25, 2023
What is a lanyard used for? 55 Top Uses for Lanyards

You going to learn what lanyards are used for. Well, lanyards are growing in popularity thanks to their versatility. There are many ways you can use a lanyard to help make your life easier. From keeping track of small items to helping to identify individuals.  In this article, we will explain what a lanyard is […]

August 28, 2021
What is Screen Printing? A Full Guide

When you are buying workwear or lanyards for your business, if you want to have a logo or text printed onto the item, you will need to decide which type of printing you want, or another option is having the details embroidered on. One of the best options is to have your items screen printed, […]

August 20, 2021
The Use of Lanyards in Educational Sectors

Lanyards are a very effective way of improving safety and security in schools and other educational settings. Wearing ID badges is an important element of safeguarding in schools, to help to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering school property, while a distinctive lanyard in the same colours and displaying a school logo, also identify staff. Granting […]

August 12, 2021
Exhibition and Conference Lanyards: Are They Worth It?

If you are organising an exhibition or conference, one of the items you will probably consider ordering is a lanyard. A lanyard with printed details of the event has many benefits but if you are trying to keep costs down, you will want to know that whatever you pay for a bulk order of lanyards […]

May 12, 2021
How to Come Up with a Business Name

So you need to come up with a business name? Did you know that Google used to be called BackRub? And Nike used to be called Blue Ribbon Sports? These are just some of the most famous company name changes, and it goes to show that your business name matters. We have to wonder if […]

December 28, 2020
How to put a lanyard on a phone

Putting a lanyard on a phone can be useful for several reasons. If you need to keep your phone handy, but don’t have pockets, hanging it safely around your neck will be a welcome change. Wearing a phone on a lanyard is a smart move, particularly when you’re travelling as it won’t be an easy […]

December 26, 2020
Factors to consider when designing your own lanyard

Designing your own lanyards is a fun and exciting task. Seeing your lanyard design come to life and then be worn by people in your business or at an event is a milestone that every business owner hopes to reach one day.  And when this day arrives, you might find that you aren’t fully prepared […]

December 21, 2020
Do college & university students wear lanyards?

We often see lanyards at conferences, in workplaces and at events. But are university and college students wearing them? If you’re thinking about adding branded lanyards to your marketing plans for 2021 and beyond, you first need to know that students are wearing them and that they are popular. So, do college and university students […]

December 18, 2020
How can branded lanyards benefit your business?

Lanyards are used in lots of different environments, from large public sector offices and buildings, to outdoor concert venues and small businesses premises. Not all are branded but those that are, often have significant benefits, and with the correct execution, branded lanyards can significantly enhance your traditional marketing efforts. Our guide will show you specifically […]

December 17, 2020
Why are lanyards called lanyards?

Its a question we sometimes hear from our customer "Why are lanyards called lanyards?" Well, we’re all familiar with modern-day lanyards. They’re the attire of choice for conference attendees and parents love them for keeping track of small items for their little ones. But how much do we actually know about these humble bits of […]

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