Environmentally Friendly Lanyards 

We have now introduced a range of eco-friendly lanyards, we will be updating our website with them shortly. 

Our first option is our Bamboo lanyards, these lanyards are proving extremely popular. They are available plain and printed and we can pantone match both the lanyard colour and print colour. Our Bamboo lanyards are biodegradable but at the same time they are comfortable to wear and still robust. 

Our second option is our recycled PET lanyards, these PET lanyards are made from recycled plastic bottles and they can be recycled themselves. The design can be full colour and they are extremely robust and hard wearing whilst still being very comfortable to wear. 

Already a range of festivals, universities, schools, hospitals, event organisers, charities and large companies are introducing these lanyard options, we are seeing that there is a growing demand for both the bamboo and PET lanyards and that the feedback we have had on them has been 100% positive. 

Both of these lanyard options are proving extremely popular with our customers, if you would like us to send you a sample then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get them sent straight out for you in the post.