In this blog we are going to explore how lanyards can be used at weddings. 

Festival themes weddings are growing in popularity and lanyards are a fantastic way of setting off the day. 

Lanyards can be used before the big day itself, either as part of the save the date or wedding invitation. Sending a lanyard as either of these lets the guests get an idea for the theme of the wedding and act as a great keepsake item. You can even as them to be brought and worn at the big day itself if you’re really going all out on the festival theme. As the lanyards are fully customisable they can be produced with your name, date, venue and any other information you would like. Screen Printed and Full Colour Printed lanyards will look great for this. 

Asking your guest to wear the lanyards on the day and act as a query and fun way of them being allowed in to the wedding, on the day you can also print out day planners that can be attached to the lanyards so that everyone can keep up-to-date with the timetable for the day. Our accessories and can used to attach on to the lanyards to make them the perfect wedding day tool. They look great, they are a fun item, people will keep them and remember the day and they are really are helpful and practical to be used on the big day itself as well to help it all run to plan and on time.

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