Whether you have a small business or a start up, having a memorable logo is the key to brand awareness. Think of all of the big global companies, like Google or McDonald’s, their company logos are so widely recognised that it is nearly impossible to think of these kinds of companies without picturing the logos simultaneously. This is excellent company branding, but as a small business owner it’s important to set your sights slightly lower. Think of your company’s logo as the first point of recognition and your company’s personality.

Before you begin to pick the colour schemes or anything like that, you need to think about how you would like your company to be portrayed. When you have decided on your logo, you can then begin to build your brand around it, and can build further brand awareness by handing out and sporting merchandise such as printed lanyards. If you want to be seen as a corporate and professional business, then your logo would need to reflect this. Your brand and logo needs to reflect the level of professionality and service you are going to deliver to your customers, this should be the very foundation of your business, so it’s important to make sure that you get the branding right the first time around. If you re-brand your logo, you will often find that this causes confusion amongst your existing customers and clients.

Finding the right font:

Typography is one of the most poignant aspects of logo design. It’s the best way to communicate the name of your business and going back to the example of Google, can help to really create brand awareness. Google is well known for its multi-coloured logo and this has helped to shape it into the globally recognised and admired brand today. It’s been revealed that selecting the right typography for your website can in fact help to increase your businesses sales by as much as 20 per cent.

Choosing your company colours:

Colours have a lot of personality and can transform an image into something that is eye catching and beautiful. A recent study has revealed that 80% of consumers believe that colour increases brand recognition, and can either make somebody want to seek information about your business, or avoid it. As a new business owner, it’s essential to again match your colour with the personality of your company, if you want to remain professional, again it’s always good to stick with block colours such as dark green and royal blue.