conferences or events

Lanyards are ubiquitous at conferences and events. They are most often found around attendees necks, proudly displaying their name badge. Or they are found in the bottom of goodie bags. Or they might even be given away with maps and schedules attached. At events, they are often used to allow security to distinguish between those who are allowed backstage and those who aren’t.

We’re sure you’ve seen a lanyard or two out in the wild, but do you really know how to make the most of them at your next event or conference? In this guide, we will outline some of the best ways you can make an impact with a lanyard. And if you’re ready to start designing lanyards for your next event, get in touch with Lanyards Online.

Make sure they’re on brand

If you’re going to make an impact with your lanyards, you should focus on getting the branding right. A plain lanyard might be sufficient if you want to draw focus to the name badge, but a full colour printed lanyard has a much bigger impact. With a dye sublimation printed lanyard, you can achieve almost photo-quality finishes with Pantone matched colours, which means a huge opportunity for spreading your branding far and wide. These look premium and expensive, but they are actually very cost-effective.

Choose the right finishes

You can make your event lanyards even more versatile by adding fun extras. A bottle opener can be added to the bottom of the lanyard, giving event attendees easy access to their drinks. You could also add a plastic pouch to hold folded event schedules or maps. And finally, make sure you include a safety break away clip so that the lanyard doesn’t present a problem if it gets caught on something in a large crowd.

Embrace colour coding

Colour coding is a great way to help security keep things safe while also helping to facilitate conversations. At a concert, band, crew and backstage passes can all be printed on different coloured lanyards so that security will instantly know who is allowed to go where. Colour coding can also make it easier for conference attendees to identify one another. Having all the conference workers wearing bright yellow lanyards, for example, can make it easier for attendees to get help when they need it.

Create ice breakers

Wearing lanyards at an event isn’t just about identifying people from a distance, they can also be used as ice breakers. You could leave a space on conference ID badges for a funny comment or question so attendees can personalise their badges. A question as simple as “cats or dogs” could get people talking right off the bat. 

Walking around the conference, attendees will be able to see the names and companies of the other guests, but they will also have something to break the ice with. When your conference aims to facilitate introductions, lanyards offer an easy solution. With all of the information out in the open, it becomes a lot easier to spark up a conversation. 

Make them collectable

We understand the logic of creating a generic branded lanyard so you can order them in bulk and then use them year after year. While this might reduce costs for subsequent events until you finally run out of lanyards, you aren’t creating something memorable and collectable. 

If people return to your event year after year, this might like something to remember the years gone by. After a while, it becomes a badge of honour to be able to say that you were at all of the events. Just as people collect event programmes and schedules, they also love to collect event lanyards to prove they were there.