How to make a whistle lanyard

A whistle lanyard is a loop of fabric worn around the neck with a whistle attached to the end. They are very popular with hikers, sports coaches and dog walkers. Dogs trained to respond to a whistle will hear this a lot better than their owner's voice, so it can be a safer option when walking a dog in the wind or rain. 

Whistles are also great for attracting attention if you get in trouble. This is why they are often present on life jackets and hikers will often carry a whistle on trails.

Why use a whistle lanyard?



A whistle lanyard allows you to keep your whistle to hand without having to carry it. If your whistle is placed on your keys, in your bag or even in your pocket, you’re far more likely to drop it or leave it somewhere. When you wear it around your neck, you’re far less likely to lose it.

A lanyard makes it easy to keep track of your whistle while also keeping it close to hand. And since whistle lanyards are most often used in outdoor settings, you’ll need to keep your hands free for other things. 

How to make a whistle lanyard

There are instructions online for how to make your own whistle lanyard from paracord. This involves weaving the paracord to create a lanyard shape and then attaching a whistle using a keyring loop or similar metal attachment. This is a great idea if you have the time and resources to create one, but most people are looking for a simpler solution.

The easiest way to make a whistle lanyard is to use an existing lanyard and attach your chosen whistle. You can easily buy lanyards online, in bulk if required, so you could create whistle lanyards for everyone in your hiking party. When hiking in rain or snow, poor visibility can split up a large group. If everyone has a whistle lanyard, you’ll be able to keep the group together.

What safety features do I need?

The benefit of buying your lanyard online is that you can make the most of the safety features available on modern lanyards. The most popular is a break free closure that will prevent injury if the lanyard gets caught on something. You can have a break free closure on the back of the lanyard and on the attachment. A buckle attachment on the front of your lanyard will allow you to easily remove your whistle as required.

What kind of whistle should I use?

This will depend on the type of activity you are doing. A dog whistle is a specialist kind of whistle that is incredibly high pitched, so only your dog will hear it. This can be an excellent option for walking your dog at the beach or in windy conditions. Your dog will always be able to hear you, no matter how busy and loud the surroundings are.

If you’re hiking, a loud safety whistle is essential. These are capable of making a much louder noise than a standard metal whistle. If you’re separated from your group or if you’re injured and trying to get the attention of a rescue team, they’ll be far more likely to be able to locate you than if you’re just using your voice. Shouting for a long time is also exhausting, but a loud whistle takes a fraction of the effort. 

For sports coaches and referees, a whistle on a lanyard is an incredibly common sight. You’ll always want to make sure you have your own metal whistle as sharing them is very unhygienic. Finding a personalised lanyard will help to make sure no one ever uses your whistle by mistake.