The Winter months bring an array of parties events and above all else, networking opportunities. If you want to be seen and heard this Christmas, then there is no better way to get a name for your business than to host and plan a Winter business event. This could either be an intimate gathering of your most important clients and customers or could be a huge extravagant awards ceremony. If you remember to work within your means and to think about what your customers will get out of the business event, then you are onto a winner already. Here are some tips on how to plan a Winter business event.

Location is important:

Location is arguably one of the most important aspects of a Winter event, you have to use the time of year to make a statement and to get everybody in a festive spirit, so it’s important to have a location that reflects this perfectly. Find a picturesque location such as a country house, or a large ornate building that you can dress up and decorate yourself. If your event is an appropriate size, then it’s always good fun to hunt down a venue with a large fireplace to take pictures in front of, this will really add to the authenticity of the Winter feel.

Get creative with your decorations:

One of the best things about planning a Winter event is being able to decorate it however you like. You can be as extra or as minimalist as you would like to with your decorations and entertainment, so if you are having a large Winter event, why not consider getting something fun like a snow machine, or even a live reindeer. You need to cater for the size of your event and go from there, for example, if you are having an intimate gathering, then soft lighting, beautiful decorations and the “quality over quantity” mindset works best.

Plan with your guests in mind:

At a Winter event, you need to consider the weather and your guests' comfort. If you are hosting an outside event, then it’s important to think about how comfortable your guests are going to be. However beautiful an outside event can be, your guests are going to be quite cold, so be sure to add details such as outdoor heaters, and blankets for them to wear. You can even go above and beyond this and have things such as a hot chocolate stand. These added touches will help to make a person feel more catered for and will help them to have a better time.