In this blog we are going to look at how helpful lanyards can be when you are organising your event. 

First of all they offer a great branding opportunity, the lanyards can be printed with your companies logos and message. Or alternatively, you could sell the sponsorship for your event and have the lanyards branded with your sponsors details. Whatever you choose to have printed on your lanyards they offer a great, highly visible option for potential branding. 

Secondly, the lanyards are great for displaying ID. Whether you need to display individual name badges, or you have generic passes to show – lanyards are the perfect solution. They hang around the neck so are easily visible and accessible whilst being comfortable to wear and looking highly professional. 

Finally, the lanyards are available in a selection of options. Heat Transferred lanyards, Screen Printed lanyards, Woven lanyards or plain lanyards all have different positives and offer different options. Why not give the team at Lanyards Online a call on 01565 777062 or drop us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss the best options for your budget and your event.