If you’re a business owner, it may feel as though you are running out of steam with your marketing strategy. You may have tried everything from radio adverts to big posters on the side of a bus. Competing against other business is hard, and there is no real easy way around it and it’s becoming even harder the more people that decide to open businesses. If you’re looking for new ideas and inspiration, then we are here to tell you that there are so many different things you can do and avenues you can go down. Here are some of our favourite ideas and unusual ways to promote your business.

Use the streets to promote your business:

You may be thinking of ways that you can get your business in front of people for a fraction of the price of advertising. Have you ever walked down the street and seen artists drawing on the pavement in chalk? Why not turn the Mary Poppins style technique into a new and interesting way to build up brand awareness. Find a place that is crowded, has good conditions to be drawn on, and draw your company logo on the floor, along with an advertisement. This will spark new interest in your brand and will gain the respect of people for your out-of-the-box thinking.

Unusual sponsorship:

Sponsor things that nobody else thinks of doing, and find something that people come into contact with every day. For example, have an advertisement placed on the seat of a taxi, or sponsor city-run bikes such as the Boris bike or the newly implemented Manchester bikes. This way hundreds of people will come into contact with your brand, which will spark interest in your services.

Free merchandise:

Everybody loves being given something for free. If you’re somebody who wants to become known for their services, then this is a great starting point. Think about how you have felt every time you are given a free sample or given a free voucher. It’s always something that is going to put a smile on a person’s face and will help them to develop a better appreciation for your brand.