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Published: December 18, 2020

How can branded lanyards benefit your business?

Lanyards are used in lots of different environments, from large public sector offices and buildings, to outdoor concert venues and small businesses premises.

Not all are branded but those that are, often have significant benefits, and with the correct execution, branded lanyards can significantly enhance your traditional marketing efforts. Our guide will show you specifically how branding your lanyards can benefit your business. 

They can help build your brand 

Creating an awareness of your company is a big part of building a brand. Along with direct marketing, public relations and email broadcasts, incorporating branded lanyards, where appropriate, is a proven and effective addition to an overall brand building strategy. 

Branding is the process of creating and developing a positive affinity between a company and a target market through meaningful visuals. People who see brand images they trust do not have to delve deeper into whether to use that brand, as the trust has already been earned. Done well, this can lead to repeat custom with little investment over time. 

Customers and potential customers develop a loyalty to brands if they have a positive interaction with them. It’s an intangible, yet powerful concept and one that can be achieved successfully through the use of branded lanyards.

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Lanyards can help your business stand out

Lanyards are predominantly used at events where there are lots of other businesses, often competing for the attention of customers. Wearing a lanyard with a company logo and strapline that mirrors other marketing material provides a strong sense of synergy and togetherness, emanating a professional image in front of those customers.

There are almost limitless options available when it comes to tailoring a lanyard to your preferred branding design, with an array of different colours, fabrics and sizes on offer. You call also personalise lanyards for each member of staff to create that special touch and to assist event visitors when they are looking to speak to a specific person from your company. Plus, you don’t have to invest in expensive uniform purchases to make your team look professional and cohesive, matching branded lanyards can do that instantly. 

They can support your networking experiences  

Regulars on the networking scene often find ‘ice breaking’ an easy task, but for many first time networkers it can be a daunting prospect. Wearing a lanyard facilitates an easy ice breaker, providing a clue to someone’s identity before you have spoken to them. This can trigger an initial conversation and help break the proverbial ice. 

Also, networking with a large group can mean it’s easy to forget someone’s name, but wearing a lanyard puts a stop any awkward moments and can make sure you stay in touch with that new contact you just made.

Lanyards can have a long-lasting effect 

Lanyards can have a long-lasting effect 

Lanyards can be considered in the same vein as other branded promotional gifts. This is largely because, like traditional promotional materials, they last a long time, are often still useful once used, and help you stay in the consciousness of potential customers now and in the future as a result. 

Different types of lanyards: 

Don’t forget also that although originally used as a simple cord with a tag and placed around the neck, lanyards are now used to attach to a number of different promotional items which are also helpful for branding and marketing purposes. For example:

No matter what your business is, a branded lanyard is an important consideration if you want to create greater awareness of your business. They have a catalogue of practical uses, but they are also a golden promotional opportunity waiting to be had. 

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