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Published: December 21, 2020

Do college & university students wear lanyards?

We often see lanyards at conferences, in workplaces and at events. But are university and college students wearing them? If you’re thinking about adding branded lanyards to your marketing plans for 2021 and beyond, you first need to know that students are wearing them and that they are popular. So, do college and university students wear lanyards?

The short answer is yes, they do! Good news for companies hoping to capture their attention. Lanyards are widely worn on college and university campuses to help students keep track of their most important items. And the good news is that they don’t all wear the same type of lanyard. If students can get their hands on a unique or interesting lanyard, they are much more likely to wear it.

Why do students wear lanyards?

The most popular reason students wear lanyards is to keep track of their student ID card. Student IDs are required everywhere on campus. They give you access to areas like the library or the gym, they let you confirm your attendance in lectures, and they often allow you to claim student pricing on food and drinks.

Some student ID cards will also include smart features like the ability to “top-up” and use the card in vending machines. They might also double up as your access card to your university halls of residence. This makes it a vital piece of kit that you don’t want to lose track of.

Students also use lanyards to carry useful items like their phone or keys. With so many things to keep track of, it can be useful to know that your most important things are not going to go missing or get left behind.

Students are also using lanyards to carry health essentials like their face masks or hand sanitiser bottles. With these things now commonplace on university and college campuses, students are coming up with innovative ways to make sure they don’t forget them.

How to create a lanyard that students will love

If you are creating a promotional lanyard for your business, it helps to create it with a bold and eye-catching design. Creating a few different colours and making some of them more “rare” than others will help to increase their appeal. Think about what trends are common at the moment and how you can mimic them using the lanyard design. Full sublimation printing is the easiest way to achieve a fully custom design that students will love. When creating custom lanyards online, you should have the option to take full control over the design process. 

Think about attachments

Attachments make a lanyard more functional. They can also make them more desirable to students. One of the most popular attachments for students is a bottle opener. This is the best way to get students wearing your product, as it includes something that most of them will use at some point.

A bottle opener can be added between the lanyard loop and the end attachment, so they can still add things like their keys and their keycard to the end. They will just have the added benefit of a bottle opener that is always to hand.

Don’t forget safety features

You don’t want any students to be injured while wearing your lanyard, so make sure you include safety features to keep them safe. A safety clasp in the rear will allow the lanyard to easily break away if it becomes caught on something. Likewise, a safety clasp in the front will ensure anything attached to the lanyard will break free if it is caught on something. 

If the lanyard is to be used to keep an item secure no matter what, then you may want to skip this as it could be counterproductive. But for keeping students close to their keycards and student IDs, this is a hugely beneficial feature to include.

When to give them away

When students arrive at university, they will have a chance to explore the campus and meet with businesses that offer services directed at them. This is a great chance to get your branded lanyard into their hands. If you miss this chance, look for ways to work closely with university or college groups that align closely with your aims. They will always be happy to receive free items for their members.

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