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Published: August 12, 2021

Exhibition and Conference Lanyards: Are They Worth It?

If you are organising an exhibition or conference, one of the items you will probably consider ordering is a lanyard. A lanyard with printed details of the event has many benefits but if you are trying to keep costs down, you will want to know that whatever you pay for a bulk order of lanyards will be worthwhile paying. 

Here are some of the benefits to help you to decide:

Event promotion

When you have a lanyard printed with the logo and/or event name, you are promoting the event so that more people are aware of it and to help boost attendee numbers for future years. A good quality printing company can design a very attractive lanyard design that will make your event look really professional. 

Increase security

If your event requires good security measures, lanyards can help to boost security by giving verified attendees a lanyard with an easily visible ID badge and anyone without the required badge can be stopped by security personnel. People working on security could also have a separate lanyard to distinguish them as security personnel working on your event.

Attract sponsors

If you have sponsors for the exhibition or conference, their logos could be displayed on the lanyards to give them some added exposure in exchange for their sponsorship donations. Many conference organisers reach out to potential sponsors to agree on a sponsorship deal for the event, with the company getting promoted on lanyards as well as other brand promotions such as providing branded pens or displaying pull up banners.

Encourage networking

A lanyard can be used for name badges, which will help to encourage people to network and build connections at the event. Wearing lanyards makes it easier for people to approach one another if they can read who the other person is and which company or organisation they are from. Lanyards can also help to identify guest speakers and provide access to areas for people with specific lanyards that distinguish that they need access to the stage, for example. You may have a VIP section that only people wearing a certain colour or design of lanyard have access to.

Lanyards can continue to be used after the event

Lanyards are durable and useful, so people who have attended the event can continue to use them to attach keys to, or for other uses like carrying access cards. This means that the event branding and any sponsorship branding will continue to get promoted wherever the wearer goes.

Lanyards are easy to buy in bulk

The advanced technology used to create lanyards means that you can order high quality lanyards to be delivered with a fast turnaround, at an affordable price. If you are receiving sponsorship gifts in return for displaying sponsor logos, you can usually get the lanyards to pay for themselves. 

You can quickly place an order for your lanyards online and get them delivered within a few days. When you use a professional lanyard company, they will also have a design team who will be able to ensure that any graphics and colours work well together and are displayed clearly, which could involve reworking a logo or choosing the appropriate text to best promote your event.

Different materials available

As well as having a great selection of colours for lanyards designs, you are also able to choose from a number of different materials to match your budget. You can choose high-quality woven lanyards or a more cost-effective option. The design team can help you to find the best type of material to suit the type of graphics that you want to display on the lanyards.

Builds a sense of togetherness

At events where people are coming from all over the country, or even all around the world, representing different companies, attendees will not initially feel connections with other attendees unless they know them prior to the event. An event lanyard immediately brings people together to show that they have a shared interest and are here to experience the same event. Wearing the lanyard might spark conversations away from the event, if people are staying in the same hotel, for example, helping people to network even outside of the event. 

Lanyards are impressive and professional

When you arrange an event, there will usually be an expectation that you will provide name badges and if you want to look professional, an attractively designed lanyard will impress attendees. Other event organisers have used stickers and other less professional-looking name tags, which sets a lower tone for the event. If you want people to feel excited about the event, a professional lanyard is almost as important as choosing the right speakers or an engaging agenda schedule for the day.

With lanyards available from as little as 20p each, they are an affordable, professional and essential item for any great exhibition or conference.

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