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Published: November 28, 2020

How To Make Your Workplace More Secure Using Lanyards

Security in your workplace is not only integral to your business, but also for the safety of your employees. Regardless of your industry, lanyards can be the ideal way to increase security measures for your business premises.

Here are a few ways that the right screen printed lanyard can make your workplace a much safer environment:

ID Badges

Obviously, the biggest safety aspect of a lanyard in the workplace is to have something to hang an ID badge from. These badges are common in workplaces, as they are good practice for an extra level of safety to keep doors secure and ensure only employees enter your building without hassle.

A lanyard makes the use of these simple and efficient, as there is no fumbling to find them when they arrive at the door. Instead, they are on-hand (or on-neck) whenever they need them.

Makes Employees Identifiable

Security isn’t always foolproof in the modern world, so chances are that someone will be able to wander into your business from time to time. Whether a wayward client or just someone very lost, you want these people to be instantly identifiable. Having your employees wear lanyards means that someone that doesn’t have one stands out, making it easy to identify those that don’t belong.

It works alongside ID badges, not only as somewhere to hang them from but as a way to help your employees stand out in your business. After all, it’s not always easy for security staff to know everyone that works in one building.

Convenient Safety

People can easily forget badges or lone ID cards, as they are loose and can be easily lost. A lanyard removes this issue, as your employees have something convenient to hang their idea off at all times. Gone are the days where pins will ruin your employee's clothes and become lost in the weekly wash.

So, the excuses for not having their ID with them should be non-existent with the introduction of lanyards to your business.

If you want to increase your business-safety today, then don’t hesitate to order your lanyards today. For further information, you can also call 01565 777062 to speak to a member of our team.

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