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August 20, 2021

The Use of Lanyards in Educational Sectors

Lanyards are a very effective way of improving safety and security in schools and other educational settings. Wearing ID badges is an important element of safeguarding in schools, to help to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering school property, while a distinctive lanyard in the same colours and displaying a school logo, also identify staff.

Granting access to authorised people

Some badges can be used to electronically grant access to open doors, while others are simply to be displayed by any staff or visitors who are on school premises. By ensuring that all relevant staff have a lanyard and/or ID badge, the school can reduce the risk of unauthorised people coming into school that would be a risk to children. It could also help to reduce unauthorised people entering the school and stealing equipment or possessions, for example.

Identify First Aid trained staff

Lanyards can also be used to differentiate between different types of staff, for example, to draw attention to the members of staff who are First Aid trained. This can help to quickly identify the closest member of First Aid trained staff if an accident occurs. Most lanyard companies have a standard First Aid design in green with text and a symbol to show the wearer is First Aid trained.

Identify students

At colleges and universities, it is much more difficult to tell who is a staff member and who is a student, as there is no uniform and students are older. Therefore, having student lanyards helps to differentiate between the two and also improves security by not allowing people onto the premises if they do not have a lanyard.

Promotes your school or college

Wearing a lanyard that displays a university’s brand colours and logo is a good way of raising the profile of the university to attract more people to apply to study there. Professional looking lanyards give a good impression of the university and students wearing one will know that they are representing their university or college when they are outside of the premises.

Can keep other items on a lanyard

As well as having an ID card attached to a lanyard, school lanyards can be ideal for keeping keys attached to or putting other types of cards into the badge, so that you have the items with you at all times. It can prevent you from losing or forgetting a key.

Easy to identify people’s names

Wearing a lanyard with a badge that displays the wearer’s name also helps people to be able to use their name. For example, there could be new teachers who students are not yet familiar with, and the badge displaying their name will make it easier to remember their name.

Identify students on external trips

Some schools choose to use lanyards when students are going on a trip so that they can be easily identified to help make sure they do not get lost. Students wearing school lanyards will also be more inclined to behave well if they know that they can easily be identified by the lanyard.

Things to consider when buying lanyards

When you are choosing your lanyard, you should take multiple factors into account, such as whether to go for embroidered or printed lanyards. The cost of the lanyards will vary depending on which you opt for and how much detail goes onto the lanyard.

You should also think about the type of clasp that is used on the lanyard, as some come with safety breakaway clasps to make sure that the lanyard does not get caught in something and cause an injury. 

Another factor to consider is what colour to choose, as your school colours might not stand out as much as another choice of colour, so you have to decide what colours will work best. You generally have less choice on colours when you opt for embroidered lanyards but printed lanyards will give you a better chance of matching your exact brand colours if that is what you are looking for.

Lanyards are a very good addition to any educational setting, offering many benefits from security improvements to promoting your school, college or university as a professional educational establishment.

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