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Published: September 1, 2020

Several Ways To Wear A Lanyard And Make It Look Good

When we talk about how versatile lanyards are, we are so focussed on how you use them. You can use them to display a name badge, keep an ID card close to hand, carry your hand sanitiser or keep your USB drive safe. But this isn’t the only way lanyards are incredibly versatile; they are also versatile in how you can wear them. If you’re wondering how you can wear a lanyard in your everyday life, read on to discover some great tips.


Is your style sleek and professional or bold and brash? Choosing a lanyard that suits your unique style is the best way to make sure it looks good on you. Once you have a lanyard that suits your style, you can choose the best way to wear it. When you are wearing a lanyard for identification purposes, it should be worn prominently around your neck. But if you’re wearing one to keep another item handy, you have a lot more choice in the matter.


No list of ways to wear your lanyard could be complete without this classic. Wearing a lanyard around your neck is effortless and simple. It looks professional and polished, and the hands-free nature of the lanyard means you can pop it on and forget about it. Tucking it under your collar can help to make the lanyard less conspicuous and make it more comfortable on your neck. As a bracelet

A favourite of festival-goers, wrapping a lanyard around your wrist as a bracelet looks effortless and cool. If you don’t have to wear anything attached to the lanyard, and the lanyard is what identifies you, this is a great way to make it blend into your outfit at a festival or event. Simply wrap the lanyard around your wrist a few times and then forget about it.


When you need to keep something safe but don’t want to wear it on your person, you might think about putting it in your bag. One way to make sure it doesn’t fall out is to use a lanyard to keep it secure. Loop a lanyard around a handle on your bag and slip the end through the loop to create a cow hitch. This will allow you to slip the item on the end of your lanyard in your bag easily and it will never come loose. If you have a branded lanyard, you might even choose to leave the lanyard fabric hanging out the bag a little bit.


This is a great way to make sure you don’t leave your keys behind in a public place. If things are always falling out of your pockets, use a lanyard to keep them safe. Choose a belt loop above your pocket and create a cow hitch knot using the lanyard loop. You can then slip the end of the lanyard in your pocket leaving the excess fabric trailing. This is a great method if you need to carry a keycard around at work but don’t want to wear it around your neck.


If you need to keep your lanyard on display but need it to be secured, you can always choose to wear it as a sash. Instead of wearing it around your neck, slip one arm through the lanyard and then around your neck. This will allow you to wear the lanyard diagonally across your chest with the lanyard attachment landing to the side on your waist. This will prevent the lanyard from moving freely and will make it much less likely to catch on things. If you’re worried about it getting in the way of your work or presenting a safety hazard, the sash method is ideal.


If you don’t mind items trailing from your person, simply slip the item on your lanyard into your back pocket and wear the lanyard end trailing loose. This is a great method if you need to be able to grab the item in your pocket easily. But remember that if you can grab it, so can strangers. This method wouldn’t be suitable if you are worried about pickpockets.

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