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Published: November 12, 2020

What Is Pet Lanyard? And Why Choose One?

A PET lanyard had nothing to do with your cat or dog. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and it is a type of plastic commonly used to make plastic bottles. Creating polyester fabric from recycled plastic bottles is an increasingly popular way to deal with the increasing amount of waste plastic in the world.

If you are running an event with an eco-friendly or sustainable ethos, it makes sense to choose PET lanyards for your ID badges. You could also opt for bamboo lanyards, but those are made from virgin fibres. If you are committed to recycling and sustainability, a PET lanyard is the way to go.


PET lanyards start life as a clear plastic bottle. The bottles are shredded, cleaned and then melted. The melted plastic is pushed through a sieve to create long strips of plastic. These strips of plastic are stretched and then shredded again to create a material that looks like wool.

The material is then carded, which brushes the fibres into the same direction, creating stronger bonds. Without this step, the fibre would be brittle. These fibres can be then woven into sheets for clothing or strips for lanyards. PET lanyards are very strong and durable. They are also ideal for dye sublimation printing, which allows us to put intricate, full-colour designs on the material.


You might be wondering if a lanyard made from recycled plastic will be comfortable to wear. We are happy to report that they are incredibly soft and smooth. The PET fibres are essentially the same as polyester, except they are made from recycled materials. Recycled PET lanyards are satin-smooth, soft against the skin and incredibly strong.


PET lanyards are available with full-colour print as standard. The method for printing on PET is called dye sublimation. This process allows for full-colour printing with Pantone colour matching. If you have an intricate design, a photograph or lots of text, this type of printing process is ideal.

Dye sublimation works by first printing the design onto contact paper. The design is placed on top of the PET lanyard material and then bonded together using heat. The ink is not just transferred directly onto the surface of the fabric, it becomes part of the fabric. This means your design will not peel or fade away.


PET lanyards are not just for the eco-friendly and the environmentally conscious. They offer a high quality and consistent finish that looks polished and professional. The full-colour printing possibilities also offer excellent branding opportunities.PET lanyards make excellent giveaway items, they can be used to help your company employees stand out, and it’s an excellent talking point for your event literature.

Recycled polyester fabrics are the future, and our PET lanyards offer a great way to get on board with this trend. This manufacturing process uses fewer chemicals and less energy, so you know you’re doing something good for the environment. If you’re ready to order PET lanyards, get in touch today.

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