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Published: August 16, 2020

Why You Should Get A Lanyard For Your Cruise

Whether you are going on the first cruise or your tenth cruise, there are still things you can learn about maximising your onboard experience. From making the most of your cabin space to packing the right clothing and essentials for your trip, there’s no shortage of cruise hacks to learn. In this article, we are sharing one essential cruise accessory that will allow you to enjoy the full cruise experience without worry.

Lanyards are fast becoming an essential item to take on your cruise. They are small enough to take up minimal space in your suitcase, but once onboard, you will discover just how versatile and incredible a lanyard can be. Read on to discover why you should take a lanyard on your next cruise.


Losing your room key on a cruise is a disaster. You can easily waste half a day trying to prove who you are and trying to get back into your room with a new room key. If you want to avoid this all too common rookie mistake, a lanyard can help keep you organised.

Your room key will often be used to charge items to your cabin, this can also be a great way to ensure you don’t have any fraudulent charges on your account. If your room key is always safe around your neck, you’ll never need to worry about someone else using it. And with a bespoke lanyards design service, you’ll never have to worry about mixing your lanyard up with another person’s lanyard.


Cruise ships are giant labyrinths and it can be very easy to lose half a day getting lost in the winding halls. Carrying a map around your neck is a great way to make sure you always know exactly where you are and how to find your next source of entertainment. A lanyard can also be used to carry a copy of the on-board schedule so you never miss an event, show or mealtime.


Lanyards can also be used to carry your phone, identification and other important items. No one wants to be worried about carrying a handbag around, so a lanyard offers a lightweight solution you can slip around your neck and then forget about. Your valuables will always be within reach and you will have complete peace of mind.

A lanyard is also a great tool for when you go ashore. You might want to keep important documents and details about the cruise ship on your person, but you might be worried about pickpockets. With a lanyard, you can easily wear your important documents around your neck and under a layer of clothing. This will keep everything out of sight and prevent you from becoming a target for thieves.


A small bottle of hand sanitiser is essential for your cruise experience. If you want to avoid running to the bathroom every time you want to wash your hands, a lanyard can help with this. Wearing it around your neck will also serve as a great reminder to keep your hands clean while you’re on board.

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