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Pre printed Lanyard
We now offer an Express Lanyard service with next day turnaround and 5 and 3 day turnaround options.


full colour printed lanyards
Our full colour printed lanyards are great for associated with branding for different types of event


custom woven lanyards
We pride ourselves on creating some of the highest quality custom woven lanyards in the UK


Plain White Lanyard
Looking to keep the costs to a minimum. Then these plain lanyards are for you


Personalised Lanyards
Need a lanyard that is personalised? Any colour or logo, with fast delivery. 


Blue Lanyard
We have a vast range of all type of coloured lanyards. From blue to yellow.


School Lanyards
School lanyards make it easy to identify school students and are an inexpensive.


Staff Lanyards
Identify your staff members while also showing off your company logo

Charity Lanyards

Charity lanyards printed for your staff & fundraising volunteers
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Event Lanyards

Many events have a need for small quantities of pre-printed Lanyards
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Education Lanyards

Perfect for schools and colleges. We offer a great choice
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NHS Lanyards

We have a wide range of lanyard styles for the NHS and they are available as both a custom printed lanyard or in a range of pre-printed lanyard designs.
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Environmentally Friendly lanyards

We also offer a range of Environmentally Friendly lanyards, including Bamboo Lanyards and recycled PET lanyards, our bamboo lanyards are biodegradable and our recycled PET lanyards are made from recycled plastic bottles and can be recycled themselves. Please contact us if you are interested in our environmentally friendly lanyards and we will get back to you with a quote.

Bespoke Lanyards?

We recognise that our customers often want bespoke lanyards, so we offer a tailored service to help your ideas and designs become a reality. Our customer service and product knowledge is unmatched and we are confident we can provide the perfect solution for any custom lanyard requirements you may have.

Express Lanyard service

We now offer an Express Lanyard service with next day turnaround and 5 and 3 day turnaround options, we can deliver printed Lanyards on a 5 Day Turnaround or even a 2-3 Day Turnaround if you need them in a rush. Our Express Lanyard service is perfect for those last minute Lanyard requirements and are still made to the highest of quality. So if you need custom lanyards in a hurry then get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Our plain Lanyards are kept in stock so we can get them sent out for next day delivery for you.

Have A Question?

What is a Lanyard?
A lanyard is a strap worn around the neck often used to display identification, lanyards are available in a range of sizes and can either plain coloured or printed with a custom design and they can be custom made in a range of colours and finishes. Lanyards are often used by colleges, universities, businesses or any other organisation where people are required to display identification. Original lanyards were simple straps made from cord or rope, tied around a weapon or a whistle but they have now been adapted and are commonly used for displaying identification. 
What is The Average Price Per Lanyard?
The price per lanyard varies depending on the number of lanyards you are looking for and also the style of lanyard you are looking for. Our cheapest lanyards are our plain coloured lanyards and then our custom printed lanyards are more expensive. The quote tool on our website enables you to enter the style of lanyard you are looking for along with the quantity and then obtain an instant quote – or alternatively you can contact us and we can discuss your requirements and work out the best option for yourselves.
What is The Minimum Order Quantity?
The minimum order for our plain, pre-printed and printed lanyards is 100, the lanyards are supplied in packs of 100. Our plain lanyards can be supplied in packs of 100, so for an order of several hundred, we can mix and match the colours you are looking for. Pre-printed lanyards are also supplied in packs of 100 and finally, our printed lanyards have a minimum order of 100 – we can then make any quantity above 100 you are looking for. The set-up costs of making the lanyards means that making orders of below 100 is a very expensive per lanyard, which is why we have the minimum order of 100 for lanyard orders.
What Print Finishes and Materials are available?
We have a range of materials available within our lanyard range, our cheapest lanyard is our screen printed lanyards – theses can be custom printed with up to 4 colours in your design. Our heat transfer printed lanyards can be full colour printed and are a very common option, especially with complex designs. We also have an environmentally range of lanyards, our bamboo lanyards are biodegradable and can be printed with a basic design, then our recycled PET lanyards are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled themselves and can also have a full-colour print design.
Is There A Legal Liability to Have A Safety Breakaway on My Lanyards?
We supply all of our lanyards with a safety break as standard, however, it is not a legal liability to have a safety breakaway on your lanyards and you can choose to remove the safety break if you wish to lower the unit cost of your lanyards. Also, you can increase the number of safety breaks within your lanyard design. For example, many of our customers that are hospitals will choose to have 2 or 3 safety breaks within your design. If you would like more than one safety break then please get in touch with us and we can discuss your requirements and how best to design the lanyard for your use.
How Many Colours Can You Add To A Lanyard?
Our plain lanyards are available in 1 colour, we stock a range of plain lanyards but we can also pantone match the colour you are looking for. Our screen printed lanyards and bamboo lanyards can be supplied in one solid colour with printing on top of the solid colour in separate colours and finally our recycled PET and heat transfer printed lanyards can be full colour printed. For all of our lanyards we can pantone match both the lanyard colour and print colour, so you can choose the exact colours to match your brand colours.
Can I Get A Sample Before Ordering?
We can post a sample of other lanyards we have made in a similar style so that you can check the quality of our lanyards, and then we will also make a visual sample of how your lanyard order will look before we proceed to production. Due to the set-up costs of printing custom lanyards we cannot make a sample of the lanyard with your design before ordering unfortunately. At the visual sample stage though you can make any changes to the design you like and our in-house design team will make your design for you free of charge.
How Quickly Can My Lanyards Be Delivered?
Our plain and pre-printed lanyards are both stock items so can be sent for next day delivery, please let us know you require next day delivery when placing your order. Our custom printed lanyards take around 2-3 weeks to deliver, if you have a date you need them for please make us aware when placing your order. Finally, we offer a 3-day and 5-day express delivery service for printed lanyards – so if you need your lanyards in a rush then please contact us and we can print them on our express delivery service for you.
Do you Have an Eco-Friendly Option?
We have eco-friendly lanyards that we can supply for your lanyard requirements. Firstly, our bamboo lanyards are biodegradable – our bamboo lanyards can be a solid colour and then we can print your custom design on top. Secondly, our recycled PET lanyards are made from recycled plastic and they can be recycled themselves. Our recycled PET lanyards can be full colour print in design and these lanyards are proving extremely popular as they are both eco-friendly and full colour print. We can also supply both of these lanyards as plain lanyards and we are always working on potential new eco-friendly options so please get in touch if you are looking for an environmentally friendly option.
Can I Recycle Lanyards at the End of Life?
Our recycled PET lanyards can be recycled at the end of their life, these lanyards are made from recycled plastic bottles so you can recycled them in your normal recycling. Our bamboo lanyards are biodegradable so they are also another environmentally friendly option. We are currently working on new lanyards that you will be able to recycled at the end of their life.
How long is a lanyard?
A lanyard is 900mm long as a standard size; this size is common across the industry and is the most common size when purchasing a lanyard. However, we can make a lanyard any size you require. We have both made shorter lanyards and longer lanyards – so if you are looking for a particular custom lanyard size then please get in touch with your requirements and leave the rest to us. We can also make a double ended lanyard which has 2 clips on it or any other custom style of lanyard you are looking for.
What variants of clips are available?
We supply the lanyards with our metal trigger clip as standard, we believe this is the most practical and versatile clip and also the most common with our customers. However, we can supply the lanyards with a range of clips. Please check our accessories page to look at the range of clips we offer or simply get in touch to discuss your requirements. One of the common clip variations is our bottle opener clip – this is very common for companies looking to use the lanyard as a keepsake item with their branding on. We can supply our lanyards with any clip you require though – so please get in touch if you are looking for a particular clip.
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