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About our Bamboo Lanyards

Bamboo lanyards are the perfect option if you are looking for an eco-friendly lanyard, as we become more conscious about the environment and how our purchases affect the environment these biodegradable lanyards are the perfect choice when compared to more traditional lanyard styles that cannot be recycled.

Bamboo is a cellulose material that is easily broken down making them biodegradable, but these bamboo lanyards are still durable enough to make them practical and robust enough to worn over a long period of time and withstand the day to day activities you need the lanyard for, making them the perfect solution when looking for a practical lanyard but reducing your carbon footprint.

Our bamboo lanyards come with a safety break and metal trigger clip as standard, however, if you require a different clip or accessory then please let us know and we can make these eco-lanyards to your exact specification.

We can make these environmentally friendly lanyards with your custom design, or you can order them as a plain lanyard. When thinking about the design for your bamboo lanyards it’s important to remember that a single colour or 2 colour print works best on to a plain lanyard background, we can Pantone match both the lanyard colour and print colour for these eco-friendly lanyards.

These eco-friendly lanyards are perfect if you ordering lanyards for your University for Freshers’ Week, for Colleges if you use lanyards to display student ID, for businesses if your staff need to wear lanyards for security purposes, for event organisers who use lanyards to help with their events and for anybody else who is looking for an environmentally friendly option when they are choosing which lanyard option is best for them.

Our in-house design team will help design your bamboo lanyard free of charge, simply get in touch when you are looking to order with the style of lanyard and number of lanyards you are looking for and then leave the rest to us.